Health Safety Policy

The Employees’ rules of Health and Safety (OSH) in the workplace is a requirement of our time and goal of any society with basic principles for the protection of human life and the natural environment. The international conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the Directives of the European Union (EU) and regulations / laws in Greece oblige everyone (employers and employees) to take appropriate health and safety measures, in order to prevent accidents, occupational diseases, to protect human resources’ health and to avoid creating dangerous situations, and pollution of the natural environment. To achieve the objectives of OSH we focus on adherence to the rules, which are agreed and which we make sure everyone is fully informed about.

These rules set the framework within which we use the exterior and interior of our workplaces buildings, and the ways in which we carry out different tasks.  In case that there is any change of use of building, industrial processes and regulations, we necessarily inform all the employees.

Briefly the Corporate Policy of OHS is presented below in the following 12 areas:

  1. OSH rules demand the suitability of the buildings and the technological infrastructure to be constantly ensured.
  2. In case of emergency (fire) an easy access is required and offered to firefighting vehicles and ambulances. Also, sufficient information and employees’ training on how to manage such incidents it is provided.
  3. Preparedness of first aid provision, in case of accident and proper hospital care.
  4. Proper storage and use of flammable and dangerous substances, gases, etc. in order to avoid accidents.
  5. Proper training of personnel on safety rules when operating machinery, or performing work with biological agents.
  6. Proper management of toxic and dangerous waste.
  7. Correct and simple labeling of all the workplaces and prohibitions rules for dangerous tasks or working conditions.
  8. Observance of the OSH rules during the work and incurrence of liabilities for frequent inspection of the workplaces.
  9. Staff’s training and information about OSH measures.
  10. In case of illness or discomfort we consult the hotel’s doctor or the hospitals’ physicians.
  11. Basic rule: We do not underestimate the risk of accidents and exposure to toxic agents that long term can become dangerous to health.
  12. The recent European Union Directives and legislation of OSH in our country is compulsory for everyone (employers and employees).

The hotel follows all the rules of hygiene and food & consumer safety. Every year our hotel gets certified with HACCP by TÜV Company. The application of HACCP gives us the opportunity to prove that hygiene and food safety is always our priority. The concept HACCP means Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, and helps us to recognize and avoid potential hazards in our food production.

With this certification:

  • We improve the quality of our food
  • We gain international recognition
  • The entire food supply chain is controlled
  • We gain customers’ loyalty